Soluble and insoluble fiber

Insoluble fibers
These are known as insoluble fibers because they do not dissolve in water.  Some of these are lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses.  They are present in the fibrous parts of plants, such as wheat bran, radishes, fava beans, broccoli, pears, carrots and apples.

Its function is to increase the volume of fecal matter, which exerts pressure on the intestinal walls and accelerates the intestinal movement and evacuation.  It brings water to the digestive tract, accelerating digestion and increasing the quantity and frequency of the intestinal movements.

Soluble fibers
These fibers dissolve in water, forming a viscous substance.  Some of these are pectins and gums, which are found in foods, such as wheat, bananas, squash, cauliflower and some seeds.

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